Actress Leslie Lluvet tells us about her


Leslie Lluvet is a television, dubbing and film actress. She was born in Havana, Cuba and was raised in Miami. Leslie moved to Los Angeles after writing the story about her family’s journey through the Caribbean to the United States in search of freedom.

Her story started when she was in middle school. The drama class. He has been trying different methods of his life to go out on the right street. She wanted her parents to be proud. Her class created a play and she fell in love with the art of acting and making movies. When she was little, she watched movies with her parents and never forgot the art of cinema. Leslie says that «it is something that is carried on my soul and it never went away.»

She always wanted to be authentic. But what makes her unique is her story, the one she lived through. She and her parents left Cuba in 1994, on a very small boat and escaped when she was a child.

Leslie wrote the book 90 Miles, the movie and the first chapter of a show. Also in states shows such as ICE, whose director was Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) Work / Friends, directed by Rodrigo Garcia (Sopranos). Laugh mobb laugh tracks with many comedians like DJ Sipha Sounds, and Leslie voiced shows on iTunes like We are alive Lockdown. And also a new video game coming out this year with Giancarlos Esposito.

Leslie studied all two directors who inspired her as an artist. Old movies like White House, Birds and Vertigo.

When the Me 2 started it was something that Leslie put himself in the girls’ shoes not as much as they but very close. Especially as a Latina who is from the Caribbean, things seemed a lot tougher. What helped him was a passion for art.

Everyone wants advice but the one she would like the most to have starts earlier.

In a couple of years you see yourself with your established franchise. And working on shows. Her dreams are to inspire the whole world. Giving voices to people in the dark.

Leslie tells us that she and her family fled communism in 1994 and almost lost their lives in the Caribbean. We were in the water for several days and finally we made it to the United States to be able to succeed.

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