ARAWN: melodic death / thrash metal from the Czech Republic


The year 2017 is written and the new North Bohemian band ARAWN is crawling on the surface.

Jirka (alias Suky), Milan (alias Zakk), Tomáš (alias Hroch) and Petr (alias Viking) met at the right time and the remnants of various bands give birth to a new and crucial moment in their musical lives called ARAWN.

According to mythology, the name of the band is given by the strict, but at the same time non-negotiable Welsh god of the underworld ARAWN.

Zakk – guitar / scream (ex-Audiens, ex-Imperium, ex-Sixth Dimension ex-Final Pain), Viking – drums (ex-Psychotherapy, ex-Self Sacrifice), Jirka – growl / scream (ex-Furt2n, ex- Fetus in fetu) and Hroch – bass (ex-Final Pain) met and formed only a momentary project at the beginning, but later they became a regular band.

There is a period full of unclear situations around the band’s operation before Jirka’s arrival as a singer, the band rehearses several adepts, but it was not until Jirka was the real fool like everyone else who gave the band the right face. Here comes the period of doing everything differently. The band is diligently rehearsing the material and in less than a year they do not set out to occupy the stages and clubs but go straight to the SONIDOS studio to record their first single called ZROZENI (BIRTH) under the baton of sound expert Zdeněk Ondráček.

It is really one year since the band members met and the birth of the album ZROZENI (BIRTH). The album first became exposed as a digital release only, but after less than half a year it found publisher. The record was taken over by the SMA (Slovak Metal Army) publishing house, and thanks to that, it is beginning to spread world as physical album release. Thanks to the digital form, it found its way all over the world. Several reviews are published at home and abroad and enjoy unusual success and interest. After 2 months of demanding work on the album, it is finally becoming reality the fans can ARAWN live in many and many concerts.

The band is reassured that the steps they took were right. The ARAWN fans family is growing every day and the band is getting increasingly famous. We can highlight successful events with the bands DEBUSTROL, HATE, ASMODEUS, ROOT, MORTIFILIA, ANIME TORMENT, KONFRONT, MILOŠ DODO DOLEŽAL and many others. Clubs were slowly becoming larger, individual concerts were becoming tours throughout the whole country, and we also played in Slovakia.

Three music videos were created to support the album, of which the video for the song LIDICE caused a huge stir in all the media. The band was not afraid of the sensitive topic, «Burning of the village of Lidice» during World War II.

The controversial video caused a huge wave of questions in all the media and for the first time is under pressure between underground vs. mainstream. The band has withstood the pressure, they are firmly behind their opinion and after a year they are going to the SONIDOS studio again to create a second album called «ODKAZY DOBY»(Links of the Time).

The album was created with the continued support of fans and the STARTOVAC project. Thanks to Covid’s time (canceled festivals, concert tours, etc.), paradoxically, the band had time to create a successor to the album «ZROZENI» (BIRTH).



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