The Brazilian Doom Metal band, Beholder’s Cult presents an album composed of 9 dense and charged tracks, releasing independently, which will soon get a physical version.

‘Our Darkest Home’ shares a semi-conceptual theme, which despite not having a clear narrative, the songs and concepts communicate and complement each other throughout the execution. With a dense and melancholy sound, the band follows clear influences of depressive rock, darkwave and post-punk, deftly leading the slow rhythm of Doom and the incursions by fast passages.

On the theme of the album, the band says: “The almost dreamlike idea of a path between the beginning of life and death or between significant moments in a life, represented by a journey under the sun, which becomes progressively unbearable as you progress , having the night as a point of departure and arrival. We tried to capture in the compositions the concepts of light and shadows, in addition to the weight and motivations of this transition under a burning light”.

‘Our Darkest Home’ promises to be one of the best releases in the style.

Beholder’s Cult is preparing to release a new EP, entitled ‘‘Our Darkest Home’’, which will be released on May13th. The band is looking forward to hearing your opinion on the new work!

01.Samsara (02:59)
02.Shadows (05:45)
03.Starry Queen (05.49)
04.Crestfallen (05:05)
05.Conceiving Silence (05:29)
06.Whispers of Dusk (02:05)
07.Weight of the Sun (05:17)
08.Ivory Tower (08:03)
09.Empty Inside (08:22)

Line up:
Felipe Stock (vocals/guitar)
Luciano Dias (Bass)
Pedro Paes (Keyboards)
Rafael Giraldi (Drum)

Genre: Doom Metal
Producer: Rafael Giraldi
Recording, mixing and mastering: Victor Hormidas e Rafael Giraldi (Texas Estúdio)
Artwork: Zakuro Aoyama
Photos: Rafael Giraldi