Blacklist Union: Back To Momo, Street Rock


Blacklist Union released their 4th CD titled “Back to Momo” in 2015 and are currently working on new material for an upcoming release called “Letters from the Psych Ward,” scheduled for a summer 2022 release.

You are guaranteed inspiration from this brand of street rock with songs like “Alive N Well Smack in the Middle of Hell,” “Super jaded,” and “Evil Eye.” Gifted singer/songwriter Tony West spins a musical web, tackling subjects not often mentioned with heart wrenching honesty, and sometimes humor.

Addiction, sex, friendship, child abuse, death, and living on the edge of destruction are just a fraction of what the band touches. With a lineup of stellar musicians, Blacklist Union is a true rock n’ roll band that continuously pushes themselves to the limit.

Blacklist Union has toured nationally and has a growing domestic/international fan base. Hailed worldwide as the next big rock band, Blacklist Union is clearly on their way from the street to the elite.



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