Hard Rock/Metal band _ECHOSEVEN releases second single on Curtain Call Records/Sony New Brunswick, Canada – Hot on the heels of their first label release, _ECHOSEVEN is set to release their second single on Curtain Call Records entitled “Every-Thing” on 10.22.21

“Every-Thing» was originally released by_ECHOSEVEN in 2020 in Canada with a “Redux” version released in early 2021. This rerelease will showcase a new mix with a Modern Rock / Metal sound and new visuals by Productions North of Seven out of Ontario, Canada. The single will be serviced to US, Canadian and UK Radio outlets. This version will be «The Last Incarnation” of this track. In a short description,«EVERY-THING» is _ECHOSEVEN committing to their new sound: a blend of hard rock/metal riffs , haunting melodic vocals, hard hitting drums, while keeping the introspective lyrical message about personal discovery, perseverance, and vercoming life challenges. A combination that will appeal to current fans and gain the attention of new ones.

_ECHOSEVEN is a Female Fronted Hard Rock, Alternative Metal group based in New Brunswick, Canada. After a tentative start in 2016 as a music “project” of drummer Allon McCall and guitarist Justin Larracey, the guys got serious about their music in 2019 and began recruiting more members to form a legitimate band. After releasing 3 singles independently, _ECHOSEVEN signed to Curtain Call Records in 2021. _ECHOSEVEN is: Stefanie Roy (Vocals) Allon McCall (Drums), Justin Larracey (Guitar), Marcus Leblanc (Guitar) Bobby Hope

Presave their latest single “Every-Thing” at the link below: http://echosevenband.com/

_ECHOSEVEN’s sound is a blend of Prog Rock, Metal, Folk, Grunge, Classical, K-Pop making their music riff driven and loud, with punchy drums, pop/grunge lyrics and melodic catchy hooks. Spotify’s “ Year in Review” had _ECHOSEVEN at 17000 streams with 7.5k listeners in 75 countries, along with 14 weeks on East Coast Top 30 ( top position reached #6). You can find _ECHOSEVEN on all digital platforms / socials and online echosevenband.com