FHEDESH: Warning Signs, EBM, Goth, Industrial


Fhedesh is a Dominican-American electronic DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California that emerged on the L.A. late-night and after-hours scene in warehouses across Southern California.

Drawing inspiration from the practices of vampirism and theatrical dark expression,Fhedesh’s music evokes feelings of mischief and sophistication, while also exploring concepts of immortality and lavish living.

Fhedesh’s mysterious life parallels that of some of the world’s darkest figures, so listeners will find his music and theatrical dark expression draws parallels to Witch House Experimental, Trap & Electronic Music, while he is the creator and curator of Drac’Haus, the number one underground Gothic Club in Los Angeles.

Fhedesh’s new album Warning Signs is released in November and the first single out of the album is the same-titled song “Warning Signs”.



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