Frozen By Fire: Darkness Calls, Melodic Metal


Melodic Heavy Metal Band Frozen By Fire have just released their new music video for the song Darkness Calls on YouTube. The song is from their upcoming 3rd studio album Dancing With Death .

Not your typical music video. You will not find four angry musicians in a room pretending to play their instruments like most music videos. This is literally a horror movie, and a short film. This is a story of jealousy, betrayal, vengeance, and blood. A failed relationship, a strained friendship, and the aftermath. It all begins with a phone call and ends in tragedy.

Starring: Ricky Wayne Pasket, The Joblin and Carae Schultz

This epic adventure was filmed in the foreboding woods outside of Conroe TX, USA. The song itself is reminiscent of classic Metal bands from the past, with a modern twist. It starts out with a very slow, dark, clean guitar part, and some deep and breathy vocals. The main riff kicks off with a very classic heavy metal guitar sound. The pre-Chorus features cutting double bass drums, and a manic, fast guitar riff. The Chorus kicks in with a choppy guitar rhythm and ascends until it reaches its apex. The lead guitars feature trade off solos, with some blistering shredding parts. The bridge of the song breaks down with some very ominous guitar parts, joined with pipe organs and some dark synthesizer parts.

Can you hear it?
The Darkness Calls out for you.
Will you answer?



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