Future Radio releases first single for 2022


Friday, 11 February 2022 (SOUTH AFRICA) – On the back of a successful 2021, Future Radio is kicking off the new year with a banger titled, “Something To Believe In”. This fast-paced rock track centres around the theme of Identity, which is also the title of their second studio album releasing this year. 

From an arrangement perspective, the song features a memorable intro riff played over a minor chord passage. The verse and the pre-chorus continue in the same fashion, creating a sense of tension and urgency. The chorus in turn switches over to the relative major which elevates the song and lifts the tension. Lyrically the song deals with the existential question of identity, believe and purpose.

Johnny, Future Radio’s singer and songwriter, mentions that he has been playing the chord progression for years now, but never managed to find a suitable melody to go along with it. “Before writing Something To Believe In, I’ve already decided on the second album’s title and I wanted to write at least one song that directly spoke to the fundamental idea of identity. The lyrics of the song came really easy once I started writing it and in a couple of minutes, I’ve written this song that encapsulates the essence of our second album”.

Future Radio releases accompanying music videos, or rather acts, for each track on the album, complete with visuals and a narrative. These visuals tell the story of the protagonist, Johnny Future. Drikus Roets, the brain behind the striking visuals, divulge that in the next act our hero will come face-to-face with their biggest fear. “The animation process is very time consuming but gets a little easier with every new episode. I try my best to improve the animation in each video and I think I have managed to do it thus far.”

2021 has been a year filled with various successes for Future Radio. All three of their previous single releases were playlisted on official Spotify playlists and their single “State of Emergency”, was playlisted on an official Apple playlist. Last year the band garnered over 40 000 streams on Spotify alone. Future Radio’s cover of The Cranberries classic, Zombie, reached #8 on the South African Top 40. With such force behind them, 2022 promises to be a momentous year for this ambitious band.

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