Heavy Metal Television, the 24/7/365 station that features heavy metal and hard rock videos from today, tomorrow and yesterday, is proud to present METALLIMANIA on Saturday, December 18th at 9pm (All Time Zones). Tune in at www.heavymetaltelevision.net

The documentary, produced by Eric Braverman, is a wild look at the fans of Metallica heading into various shows on the legendary “BLACK ALBUM TOUR”. The video also features appearances by Slayer’s Tom Araya, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, Madonna, and the members of Metallica.

Metallica is celebrating their 40th anniversary this weekend with shows streamed live on December 17th and 19th on Amazon Prime Video!

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Heavy Metal TV Schedule:
All Times Local To The Viewer
Mondays 8pm – The Classic Metal Show (Neeley and Chris Akin) (80s Metal and Commentary)
Tuesdays 8pm – Shockwaves Skullsessions (Bob Nalbandian and Matt Hartnett) (70s/80s Metal History)
Wednesdays 8pm – Poppitt’s Corner (Tanner Poppitt) (Extreme and Death Metal)
Thursdays 8pm – Aftershocks TV (Matt Hartnett and Chris Akin) (Classic Rock and Heavy Metal Interviews)

  • Fridays 8pm – Talking Into Infinity (Jon Drake and Brian Hendrickson) (Dream Theater Conversation Show)
  • Fridays 8pm – Art That Rocks (Monty Colvin) (Painting meets Heavy Metal History)
  • Alternates Every Other Friday.



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