I am Pavel Miskov, 35 years old. I was born and live in Estonia, Tallinn.


All my life I had a passion for photography, so about 10-12 years ago I started taking some steps in this direction. I bought a simple camera and started taking pictures.

At first it was interior and nature photography but one day I realized that I like to take pictures of people.

Two years ago I moved to Miami and started looking for models there. Miami is a beautiful city with many beautiful women, so it was not very difficult. It took me some time to settle down.

And here we are today, all my clients are beautiful women. My style is black and white boudoir, noir photography, sometimes its blurry and noisy portraits.

Why only women? I just cannot find beauty in the male body, I am sure there are many photographers who can make beautiful photos of men, but not me)

Sometimes the models come to the photoshoot with their husbands or girlfriends, it is a very fine substance, the models are naked in a session, so the husbands stay behind my back and check if everything is okay.

-What makes you stand out in your industry? Why are you unique?
I speak Estonian, Russian and English, so I can communicate with many more clients than other photographers here.
My style is unique too, sometimes it’s blurry and loud on purpose, so it feels like a film photograph.
If you work hard, every day and night, success will follow.

-What were the biggest challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? What keeps you running when times get tough?
The biggest challenge is communicating with the models, if it is a new girl who has never posed, it is very difficult to take a great photo. Sometimes the girls just start crying, but in the end we always find a solution to make everyone happy.

-What advice would you have liked someone to have given you at the beginning of your career?
Just start taking photos and take them your way and style, do it however you want, don’t try to copy anyone.

Where do you see yourself and your product in a couple of years? What are some of your dreams and aspirations?
I just want to travel more and photograph more and more beautiful models all over the world.

Get to know her more by following her steps through her Social Networks: https://instagram.com/hanky_poo_poo



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