I Can Give You Nothing is one of the simpler songs on the album but was one of the hardest for us to compose. We always wanted to make a Reggae song, but for some reason it never sounded quite right, until now. It’s obvious that it’s directly inspired by Sublime, one of our favorite bands.

The lyrics, although simple, address a way of looking at love that goes beyond material things: People think that to love someone is to give them everything we have, but it’s only when we’re willing to give what we don’t have that we can truly love.

As for the video, we wanted to try something completely different. Through the Universidad de la Comunicacion, we contacted Paulina del Carmen, a talented professional contemporary dancer, to make a choreography and dance around Mexico City, to give it more of an urban feeling. We think it came out pretty nice.

I Can Give You Nothing es una de las canciones más sencillas del disco, pero fue la que nos costó más trabajo componer. Siempre habíamos querido hacer un tema de Reggae, pero por alguna razón nunca conseguíamos que sonara bien, hasta ahora. Es evidente que está inspirada en Sublime, una de nuestras bandas favoritas.
La letra, aunque parece simple, trata de una forma de entender el amor que va más allá de las cosas materiales: la gente piensa que amar a alguien es darle todo lo que tenemos; pero es sólo cuando estamos dispuestos a dar lo que no tenemos que de verdad podemos amar.
En cuanto al video, queríamos probar algo completamente diferente. A través de la Universidad de la Comunicación, nos pusimos en contacto con Paulina del Carmén, una talentosa bailarina contemporánea profesional, para que hiciera una coreografía y bailara por algunos sitios de la Ciudad de México, para darle un sentimiento un poco más urbano. Pensamos que quedó bastante bien.

DIRECTOR: Aarón Emilio Cerezo
The nature of this work is the result of a synergy from diverse rich creative worlds that came together and shaped each other and because of the different environments, rhythms, lights and colours that inhabit in each of the contributing factors, this little great universe could converge. The forms that emerged and the effort built together found their time and led to the conceptualisation, materialisation and conception of this video clip that makes me quite happy that it can see the light.

The heart of this piece beats and unfolds through the barriers of a conscious and subconscious within this «microuniverse». The link that intertwines these two states is the personal imaginary, which serves as a tool or a recreational resource against the apathy and hysteria of everyday life; as a kind of escape valve towards an internal refuge that offers, in some way, a climax. The visual intention is to create a contrast between the feeling of emancipation and anagnorisis that the lyrics of the song transmit, along with the different visual and musical textures that rhyme and are translated into another kind of feeling; a language expressed in intonations through body movements that interact with a binary environment during the process of an impulse.

I Can Give You Nothing I could give you anything you want, but you wouldn’t be satisfied. I could write you a love song, but it would only make you cry. I’ll give you anything you want me to, but it’s never enough. I can give you nothing. Nothing’s all I’ve got from you.

Dancer & actress : Paulina del Carmen Fernández
Direction and Edition: Aarón Emilio Cerezo
Executive Production:
Salvador Corrales
Ayala Heleny Ortiz Jorge
Dávila Galindo
Aarón Emilio Cerezo
Jorge Dávila Galindo
Miguel Ángel Gómez Soler
Director of Photography:
Cristian Luckie
Color Correction and VFX: Jeniffer Estrada
Design and Illustration: Carlos López Salinas
Animation: Mimo Casa Creativa
Animation Coordination:
Nicolás Mandri-Perrott
José Luis Sámano Torres
Maurizzio Ascencio Orozco
Pavel Hideroa Silva
Original Music: Big Spin Eumir, Miguel, Ros ,Vick
Sound Design: UC Records
Acknowledgments: Viridiana Fortis



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