He now has created a fresh bold look when it comes to artistry and style putting it into the hands of consumers all around the world.

Jonny continues to push his swaggy influence now with his world renonwned line of Pheromone fragrances that are designed to attract the opposite sex, with a rapid reputation growth creating a buzz in every pheromone forum site and even now on Amazon. Jonny’s persuance to deliver the Gold standard in attraction and seduction when it comes to fragrances seems to be very promising. Giving each of the wearer their own unique story to tell when wearing S1ck’s line of fragrances.

instagram @iamjonnytreulove
Brand @S1ckjewelry

My job is a jewelry and fragrance designer. I chose this path because I have always been attracted to the night life while women always stood out more to men in my opinion, I wanted to give guys an edge by improving their social presence physically by making custom jewelry that speaks to their life in some way. But it could not stop there, attracting your mate would reuqire a presence about the indivual to stand out so I created Pheromone infused fragrances each desiged to acheive different results.

I did this because growing up I understood connecting with the oppoiste sex could be difficult for someone who lacks social skills. So I collaborated with one of the top pheromone specialists in the world by the name of Liquid Alchemy labs and by using my sense of social skill mastery we blended a series of test formulas to create timeless scents which also just so happens to attract.

What makes us unique is that we offer custom jewelry to the individuals that have a thirst for uniqueness, offering one of one free consulations bringing your designs to life using modern technology to giving you exactly what you want. As for our Pheromone fragrances we offer 30 Days Money Back Gurantee as this is completely unheard of in the fragrance community.We stand by our work and will continue to make our mark as one of the industry’s best.

Being featured on TheLAfashion.com’s LA FASHION MAGAZINE, Exotic Automobile’s Magazine DUPONT REGISTRY ( https://www.dupontregistry.com)
Our pheromones fragarances have been also named Top Pick Attraction Formulas at https://houseofpheromones.com/alpha-q-s1ck-jewelry-pheromone-review/

BEST PHEROMONES OF 2018 2019 2020 on Pheromonealchemy.com
OVER 200k views and RATED 5 STARS ON https://pherotruth.com/Thread-Alpha-Q-Reviews-Discussion

When times are tough I can honestly only turn to GOD, and when I say GOD I’m speaking of JESUS CHRIST!

I had a crazy past seen alot things probably most haven’t, I know I was meant for GREATNESS but I knew it’s only achievable by serving GOD. If I can turn back time I wish I could have someone tell me that your mistakes are just the beginnging to your success, so make them quicker and dont repeat them, the faster you can realize and take action for change, the more time you can gain, because time is something we can never get back.

By 2023 I would like to completly be a house hold made name leading byb example that DREAMS DO COME TRUE

I aspire in inspire, because when you get to the top all there is left is to serve and help those around you.

Some will follow some won’t, my crowds get bigger but my circle get smaller. I look to help those who didn’t have anyone like me to guise them, but at the end of the day it’s how bad their actions line up with what they believe and what they want.

PLease highlight «My Story» (Bullet 1)that my stage name that people know me by is «Jonny Truelove» custom jewelry/fragrance designer