Kristina Nazaryan, the professional makeup artist tells us about her life and her makeup brand


Kristina Nazaryan, was born in Uzbekistan on May 26, 1991, outside the Soviet family of regular operations. At an early age he was fond of music and even recorded few singles.

From 2018 she started her own beauty company «I LUV ME» in Dubai. Starting in 2014, Kristina as a celebrity makeup artist worked with celebrities such as: Tyrese Gibson, Nicole Sherzinger, Gina Torres, Tommy Hilfiger, Shiva Safai, Anna Sedakova, Kanika Kapoor, Fawaz Gruozi, Caroline Stabdburru, Caroline Scheufele and many more. Her career in the beauty industry is just taking off, with a new line of products that she will launch at her company. Kristina is one of the few young female entrepreneurs growing the Middle East market, a fully self-made millionaire before 30.

The beauty industry is a tough business, especially after surviving COVID 19, but many Young players come into the game, taking over without question. Kristin came from one of the poorest countries in the former USSR, she made her way into the UAE without family money or any other impulse. Not only does it take courage and hard work to succeed in a foreign country, it also takes a little daring and adventurousness to step out of your comfort zone and start from scratch.

To top it off, Kristina is also a doting wife and doting mother to two Lovely Boys. Combining family and business is tricky, but he obviously succeeded.

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