Mathias the jeweler, a family business


It’s family owned company, Thomas Arik is my name , doing jewelry for over 23 years , doing custome made design and time pieces for celebrities and athletes, and for a lote of people worldwide, our brand Mathias is getting well know in the world.

Mathias Jewelry is committed to make every customer ‘feel at home’ with our personalized service and our classic to cuttings edge jewelry designs. Our years of experience and services have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers.

And we also doing special VIP service delivery for certain customers, custome design 1 of 1 design piece of jewelry, worldwide, for example: New York , Paris , Barcelona, Monaco , London etc…

«We make sure all our clients are happy always», Thomas Arik

In 2019 The famous American television serie Love and HipHop came to Our store, They Wanted mathias the Jeweler to be Part of A Episode with Yandy Smith, Because she wanted to Get a Ring For Her husband , because he was gettin Out of The Jail after a sentence of 4 years, So for us it was something Great to be a part of, that she wanted to get the jewelry By us for her HusBand. You can Find the Video on my instagram with @Yandysmith of @loveAndHipHop

We also do alot of business with the greatest Dj in the world KidCapri , instagram @kidcapri101 Kidcapri is a Part of Our team.

We work with alot of european based football Players. they Order And we fly over To Deliver their custume made pieces or other jewelry that they order. WE also Ship, But when we got the chance, we prefer to fly over to deliver it Personally.

In Europe we like to work together with Miguel Dos santos, instagram @miggadosplug Thats family, He got connections with alot of football players So we often do business together

A list of some football players that we got as clients: Tanguy Ndombélé , thats a. French national team footballer who play for Tottenham in the english premier league.

Kelechie Iheanacho , a Nigerian International footballer who play for Leicester city in the english premier league.

Arturo Vidal the Chile International From Inter milan Who player for big clubs like Juventus, Fc Barcelona, Fc bayern munchen.

Nelson semedo, Portugese Football player who play For The Wolves in the English premier League, And Who player before fc Barcelona And Benfica and many More other footballers we got as clients in Europe Who get custume made jewelry’s with us, or any other jewelry

At our store which is based in New york also already big names Passed By to get jewelry at Location.

People Like Jadakiss, Misa Hylton, Faith Evens, Jamila T Davis, Coileray, The french Rapper LaFouine who often fly over to new york to pass by at our store, and many other names who passed by At Our Store. We got alot of trust from Our clients. And trust is very important in this business and i think in life General. Not only famous people Come to Our store but also Non famous People Who just wanna Get Nice Jewelry. and we apreciate, respect and threat them exactly the same like AnyBody else.



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