Parazit: Neomoira, Zero To Me and Asleep Reason Horror


The amazing band Parazit is presenting a full collection of new singles (Neomoira, Zero To Me and Asleep Reason Horror) this year, each one with a different touch and full of power.

Parazit is an instrumental trio.
They awake attention from rock, jazz, fusion, progressive, and noise lovers.

Each member are big musicians with great career in the metal music and the bests musicians in the metal scene in Mexico.

An apparent musical disarray where everything has been meticulously thought out and orchestrated in each of their pieces. Made up by dissonant sounds and a mix of colours that result in this instrumental project that plays incessantly with metric, rhythm, key, dynamic, harmony, and sounds that break the common musical schemes. There are no rules.

The result is music that offers an authentic proposal in each of their four albums.

A Fractal Journey of Light and Noise (2012)
Amateur Radio in Space (2015)
Paradigm Paralysis (2017)
Aural Coincidence (2018)

Kello González (bass)
Christian Gómez (drums)
Jose Macario (guitar)

About «Neomoira»
This song is about describe the evolution of civilizations from primitive times to modern times. As for music, “the theme is inspired by the merger of contemporary jazz with Middle East music, while in the rhythmic issue there are elements of modern ‘afro’ music, Jose Macario adds. “All of that mixed with the sound we were handling with influences of different metal subgender.”

About «Zero To Me»
This song is about humans in the computer-era. We’re on the brink of losing our humanity and becoming robots. The song’s textures evoke this struggle as we mechanize our day to day, but the humanity still comes through in the end. This is an important topic in the current world scenario where we’re all secluded and our only interaction is thru virtual means…

About «Asleep Reason Horror»
This song focuses on the rollercoaster of emotions and inner demons each of us face when we’re on our own. Imagine a Tim Burton-esque nightmare where everything is familiar but at the same time distorted by the recurrency of it all. Things move quickly from one scenery to another, days go by much quicker and one starts to wonder where we’ve been all this time. Another soundtrack depicting our current events, that make us fight our demons day after day.
This is the perfect soundtrack when reality seems like a dream… or a nightmare?

Written and recorded during quarantine sessions 2020 by Parazit. Music by Kello Gonzalez, Jose Macario and Christian Gomez. Mixing and mastering by Aldo Muñoz at REMI Studios



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