The Dood: 13, Heavy Meta


The D.O.O.D. is a nationally touring theatrical heavy metal band out of Sarasota, Florida. Their 5th studio album «Firefly», produced by the Legendary Matt Laplant (Soil, Skindred, Nonpoint etc).

They have graced the stages of many a venue in America with their horror circus brand of theatrics and hard-hitting music. Originally formed by Raynus and Jonzey DOOD, their music is high energy, thought provoking, and fun.

They are often cited as having notes of traditional metal, akin to Pantera and such, NUmetal, Mushroomhead/Slipknot, as well as a classical metal feel with a little industrial thrown in for good measure as well. The D.O.O.D. Is currently endorsed by Sinister Guitar Picks.

THE D.O.O.D. is
Brian «Monkeyboy» DOOD Vocals
Raynus DOOD Guitars
Jonzey DOOD Bass
Indiana DOOD Guitars Dogbite DOOD Drums
Pinky DOOD Theatrics/Percussion/Keyboards



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