The incredible story of the talented Alex Akleh


Alex Akleh is not just any person. He is an artist manager, brand strategist, investor, and entrepreneur. When he was a child, Alex went through many tough experiences.

His father was in prison for most of his childhood but he didn’t waiver in his pursuit of a better life. He even had moments in his life that he had to break the law to survive. But one day his life changed completely, he met a mentor that greatly changed his life. So, he went to asked for a job. They put him to work on projects not many others wanted to do.

His goal was not to go through the terrible situation again. Alex did not know much about home renovations but he continued to push forward. Given a year, he started managing his own team of employees, all much older than him.

Alex continued to search for his projects. Then he started promoting events downtown and called it “Injoy.” The company quickly became a success in Orlando, partnering with the top venues and promotional companies in the area.

Later, he began managing artists, most notably with his best friend Charles Duncker, also known as «Acraze.» He is on a strong path towards greatness.

Twitter: @alexAkleh
Facebook: alex.akleh
Instagram: @alexakleh
LinkedIn: alex-akleh



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