The life of Logan Loiselle


My name is Logan Loiselle. I live in Los Angeles but originally from Dallas, Texas. I’m a fine artist that specializes in custom painting designs on luxury goods for celebrities, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and those who appreciate art and fashion.

1) What is your business and what are you doing? Tell us your story and how you started, what made you choose this path
I’m a fine artist that specializes in custom painting designs on luxury goods for celebrities, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and other clientele. My passion for art started at the age of three. I would paint dinosaurs and my daycare would print the designs on the school’s merchandise. Artistic creativity runs in my family. My career in customizing luxury goods started 5 years ago when I first moved to Los Angeles, where I was hired by Dolce&Gabbana to paint on the brand’s handbags and shoes in Beverly Hills. A few years later I became an in-house artisan for Louis Vuitton where I painted on the hardsided trunks for two years. Currently I work with multiple fashion brands during special events painting items live in store.

2) What makes you stand out in your industry? Why are you unique?
There are a lot of people attempting to produce custom art on luxury items but few to none have the quality and ability to achieve artistic perfection on these high end, cherished products. Countless clients of mine flatter me with information when comparing my work to others as “way more 3D and alive” Some of my clients requests are that of sending me 20 handbags at a time. I’ve created pieces for Post Malone (client and Instagram follower of mine) Quavo from Migos, Bruno Mars and the Hooligans, NFL players, celebrity fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs.

3) What keeps you running when times get tough? What advice did you like someone to give you at the beginning of your career?
Belief in myself. Storms come and pass. To love yourself and be patient in my pursuit of my dreams

4) Where do you see yourself and your product in a couple of years? What are some of your dreams and aspirations?
Running a fully functioning custom art company and having a store front location here in Los Angeles. Having artists work under me and fulfill as many custom orders I possibly can. And to hold workshops and giving back

You can follow me on Instagram. My Web Pages is Loren Ridinger ( & Tina Craig (



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