From the age of 13, the young Londoner Josh had his first job doing a round of newspapers, he knew he was motivated to succeed in life and help his family.

Living with his mother and grandmother in a small house with a terrace, he explains how his room was so small that he only had a small walkway to get in and out of his bed.

«My room was so small and cozy, I definitely couldn’t imagine being back in such a small space, but I wouldn’t change it, it made me want to be even more successful in myself.»

In 2018, Josh quit his full-time job in the retail industry and endeavored to build his own business. Using a multitude of strategies, you now scale businesses by helping them sell products or services, increasing traffic to a specific audience.

«I have studied traffic sources for the last 5 years since I was 18, it is a passion for me. I love seeing my strategies increase sales»

With the current global pandemic of COVID-19, we have seen a large increase with the closure of stores in the city center due to the fact that most companies cannot pay rent for property without operating.

«It is very important for stores or people who need traffic to keep their business online strategies alive, especially in these times.»

Josh has now taught and managed more than 500 individuals and companies, due to his transparency and proven results, he claims that it is more difficult for him to hire new people where he is so busy.

«I don’t mind helping people, but they need to be motivated and willing to learn»

In the first block, Josh explained how he was bombarded with messages and inquiries to get him involved in managing his online content. He took over a store in March 2020 that was operating with a monthly profit of £ 8,000, they wanted to bring this figure to £ 15,000 by the end of 2020.

“Once I took over this store, I knew it had the potential to be huge, the problem they didn’t have was their product, it was the fact that their target audience was completely off topic. Once he started with the new traffic sources we saw a dramatic increase in monthly earnings of £ 20,000 for August 2020 «

We asked Josh for the best way to contact him regarding his program. Due to the high demand, he said it is best to message him on Instagram to check availability.

Instagram: @Joshhh



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