Vital Information for Those Who Pursue Salesforce Administrator Certification and Want to Pass ADM-201 Exam with Flying Colours


CRM systems have become quite popular in recent years because this software makes the lives of people much easier. There are so many CRM options for you to choose from and each of them provides you with some benefits and unique features. However, the most popular software is none other than Salesforce. This is the reason why so many people want to become the Salesforce experts. But working with this CRM is not an easy task because you need to know everything about the environment.

If you truly want to make your career path with Salesforce, then you need to earn some certifications. There are many Certbolt Salesforce Admin Certification that you can opt for but one of the most popular badges is known as Salesforce Administrator. There is a lot that you should know about it and here we will touch all the main highlights.

If you are thinking about going for the Salesforce Administrator credential, it is important to understand that it is all about administration. So, if you want to give yourself a chance at earning this badge, it is essential that you have some administrative experience. You should also have a good understanding of Salesforce concepts because that will prove to be a huge help. To be eligible for this sought-after, the candidates need to master the following topics:
• User setup;
• Data management;
• Organizational setup;
• Access and security;
• AppExchange;
• Standard and custom objects;
• Desktop and mobile administration;
• Marketing and sales applications;
• Activity management and collaboration;
• Service and support applications;
• Workflow/process automation;
Exam-Labs Salesforce Admin Certification

Exam details
If you want to obtain the Salesforce Administrator credential, you will need to take the exam, which is known as ADM-201. The test is going to be 105 minutes long and will consist of around 60 questions. They will be based on the multiple-choice format and the candidates should answer 65% correctly in order to get the badge. We recommend that you use study guides, exam dumps, and practice tests and also take some courses to get the main idea of the topics and gain the required skills.

There is no denying the fact that Salesforce Administrator has become one of the most popular certifications out there. This is largely due to the fact that earning it brings a lot of benefits. For starters, if you are able to obtain this sought-after credential, you will be expected to know everything about the environment. With this certificate, you will learn a lot of new skills that you can then use professionally. If an employer sees that you are a holder of this certification, he/she will want to hire you immediately and this will allow you to negotiate for a better salary.

Earning the Salesforce Administrator certification can be great for your career and that is why you should go for it at the first chance you get. CRM systems are being used by a lot of organizations from around the world, so they need people who are well versed with the environment. With this credential, you can make sure that you know the Salesforce environment like no other.



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