WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS releases video for «Gimme Your Blood» and announces guest stars of new album


WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS is the new chapter of the gothic metal saga started by RAVENLAND, a band founded by Dewindson Wolfheart back in 1996.

As RAVENLAND the group received international recognition, having their music played on radio stations worldwide, such as the BBC in London, United States and Japan, where they were featured in Osaka’s TransaRock compilation for being one of the most requested bands there. RAVENLAND’s first video, «End of Light», was featured in several Brazilian networks, like Multishow, Play TV, Record, Rede TV, TV Cultura and MTV Brasil.

With RAVENLAND, Dewindson played hundreds of gigs, either as a headliner or alongside the likes of Moonspell, Tiamat, Nightwish, Theatre of Tragedy, Anneke van Giersbergen, and Danny Cavanagh. In all RAVENLAND released two albums, five EPs and two singles, besides being featured in compilations and tribute albums.

In 2015 Dewindson Wolfheart and Fábio Jhasko (ex-Sarcófago) recorded together «The Ravens», for a tribute to Bathory, which resulted in a project called WOLFHEART AND THE RAVENS, which later, after lineup changes from RAVENLAND, became the band’s new name. To start this new chapter, they released the singles «Ravphenix – From Ashes», «Inês – The Dead Queen», and «Midnight», besides appearing in a couple tribute albums and playing several gigs.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the quintet released videos, was featured in a My Dying Bride tribute and the soundtrack of director Marcos Debrito’s new movie, «Almas Que Dançam na Escuridão» (“Souls that Dance in the Dark”). The new album, will feature special guests such as Tommy Lindal (ex-Theatre of Tragedy), Margriet Mol (Asrai), Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell), Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride) and Skinny Kangur (Deathstars).

A sample of what is to come is available through the band’s new effort, «Gimme Your Blood» single.

WolfHeart And The Ravens is:
-Dewindson Wolfheart (Vocals)
-Andreas Dehn (Guitars)
-Marcos Brito (Guitars)
-Rafaela Redbass (Bass)
-Dan Werneck (Drums)



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